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Stepping into the e commerce playing field for the first time, Pantano Power Equipment wanted to make sure their website was everything their customers were asking for. That being said the entire web experience including website, promotional banners, email newsletters, and Google ads had to be cohesive for users to understand that this was the new and improved Pantano. Days were spent dissecting competitor online patterns which ultimately lead to a content strategy that showcased seasonal products to the user in a sensible manner. As the follow through, a clean and professional art direction was chosen to further elevate Pantano’s presence.

Involvment: UX, Discovery, Content Strategy, Information Architecture, Creative Direction/Execution


User Experience and Contact Strategy

Homepage Layout

Pantano has users that visit the site throughout the year and were quick to purchase. With this, we had to make the homepage flexibility enough to adapt to the seasonal products while maintaining a consistent layout so not confuse the user.

To accommodate the seasonal products, the strategy was to highlight a main product category for the hero image while the recommended products were heavily related to the main product category. For example winter, the hero banner would be "Shop Snow Blowers" while the Recommended Products would be specific snow blowers to show more selections for the users.



Product Category Page

We had found that visitors to Pantano's brick and mortar store identified themselves as three main shoppers: Home Owner, Land Owner, and Commercial. These different types of customers shopped for the same types of products on a consistent basis. With this information we categorized the category page to funnel users in the same way to mimic the similar shopping behavior along with expanding on product sub categories.



Product Listing Page

Filtering by price and brand were important functionalities to include for users who shop by brand loyalty and pricing. For users who knew what they wanted before coming to the website, an "Add to cart" CTA was included to save user time and complete their purchase faster.


Product Detail Page

Specifications, accessories, and shipping information were significant details that had to be communicated in a clear and concise manner. There were a multitude of different product specifications but this was solved by laying out all the information for the user to easily see everything and evaluate based on their findings.

Old Homepage


Art Direction


Final Execution